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Bhavan’ N.A. Palkhivala Academy For Advanced Legal Studies and Research

The technological explosion witnessed by human race during the second half of twentieth century resulted in an avalanche of social and fiscal reforms leading to globalisation, privatisation and opening up of world economies. Consequently, the world order is subjected to unprecedented changes. The education and practice of the law and management professions have undergone a paradigm shift since the last decade of twentieth century.

The avalanche of economic reforms has set new standards and requirements in the fields of administration of law and management all over the world. The crisis of economic recession manifested at various degrees world over is having its roots in the shortcomings and failures of the bureaucracy in various countries in handling the unprecedented economic reforms and growth which in turn is due to the inadequate knowledge, preparation and planning in the legal, economic and administrative aspects of reforms. Our dream to make India a developed nation is having direct bearing on our ability to make our future generation globally competent in the fields of law and management.

Mahatma Gandhi had a dream about making India Rama Rajya - A Value based Nation prevailing Dharma and Neethi from top to bottom. India is economically progressing in a historically unprecedented manner. But Rama Rajya can be established only by coronation of Dharma and Neethi at the Executive, Legislative and Judicial wings of our State and also in the industrial and commercial fields of our Nation. Value based education only can produce value based leaders in these fields.

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan can play a very crucial role and serve our motherland by moulding futuristic lawyers and managers for our country who hold their firm feet on the solid foundation of our great heritage and pristine culture and who are able to blossom information in to knowledge and mature it in to wisdom and hence competent to adorn the positions deciding destiny of our nation and human race.

In order to achieve this objective, Bhavan propose to establish an academy of global standard and competency for legal and management studies. Bhavan’s N.A. Palkhivala Academy is designed to mould such ideal leaders for our nation bringing forth paradigm shift in the fields of law and management studies.

The institution is proposed to be dedicated for the memory of Bhavan’s former Vice President and legendary Jurist N. A. Palkhivala.

As a beginning, it is decided to establish an School for Advanced Legal Studies and Research affiliated with University of Calicut at the first phase, then start the School for Advanced Management studies at the second phase and finally at ripe time, develop the institutions in to a University in the third phase.

The College will be established at Vazhayur village of Malappuram district, at about 20 Km away from Kozhikode and Manjeri District Courts.The College commences from 2012-13 academic year.