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Bhavan’s Vidyamandir

Bhavan’s Vidyamandir is the Nursery school under the Bhavan’s Ramanattukara Kendra. It is established on Bhavan’s campus in Chelembra. Since the KG section involves special care on early childhood development, exclusive and conducive environment is to be created. So Vidyamandir was separated from the school and built in a unique design to suit the needs. The aesthetic building is suitable to provide maximum comfort and climatic condition for the small children of Vidyamandir.

Bhavan’s Vidyamandir was formally inaugurated on 29-10-2005 by the Sri. T.K. Hamza. M.P. [Sri.V.K.C.Mammed Koya carried out the formality in his absence]

The conventional mode of tyrant instruction of subjects is found to be damageous to the overall development of children when they are small. So the education during this period shall be of entertaining and inspiring nature.

It is an accepted principle that activities for brain development are highly essential during the Pre-school years of the children. This must be done through various programmes suitable to activate the brain power of children with out stress or strain of conventional method of teaching. The use of modern means and instruments including CDs, Education Software, Projectors etc. are to be employed in addition to various play materials for achieving this objective.

The functioning of the Nursery-level teaching is carried out with most modern and scientific methods.The teachings are not by totally eliminating the introduction of informative studies but by introducing them with colour and flavour to keep up smile and happiness of the children. The objective of these changes will be to enthuse and equip the children for future studies with out fear or frustration.